Friday, April 12, 2019

Diaper Boy Damien Turner in a Messy Diaper at the Office!

This is a video I took of myself in the office bathroom at my former job; I say former because after I originally posted it online, somehow the video got back to the corporate office and I was swiftly fired over it. I attempted to remove my stuff but was unsuccessful. Esp this vid, another account “EpicFails,” quickly reuploaded it to YouTube. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t separate myself from diaper related content online. The internet really is forever and I’m paying the price; it’s hot and scary all at once. Including a link to the mirror of the copy uploaded by “EpicFails” on YouTube.
This video, like all my other videos, is public domain and free from all restrictions in regard to how it is used or who it is shared with for any reason or no reason at all even if it’s for profit! This is a prime example of how I behave in professional settings. Please reblog so the entire world sees!
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